Source Vitál Apothecary Natural Deodorant | Product Review & GIVEAWAY

Have you tried Natural Deodorant?

Attack the day with zeal with Deozein Zest. This natural, aluminum zirconium, aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum chloride-FREE deodorant in liquid spray form or roll-on form, is perfect for anyone looking for an alternative to conventional, chemical-heavy anti-antiperspirant deodorants.

Deozein Zest DOES NOT contain:

  • Aluminum chlorohydrate
  • Aluminum zirconium
  • Other harsh chemicals

Not just a cover-up, this formula eliminates body odor for both men and women. Deozein Zest is made with pure essential oils, natural mineral salts, and seaweed, to help protect skin from the causes of body odor.

Natural deodorants do not:

  • Clog pores
  • Inhibit the body’s natural detoxification efforts
  • Contain potentially harmful ingredients or
  • Cause the underarm area of shirts to yellow

If you are wondering WHAT’S INSIDE?

Key Ingredients

  • Ammonium alum – Cleansing, purifying
  • Brown algae (Laminaria)– Remineralizing, purifying, cleansing
  • Lime Essential Oil – Purifying, mentally uplifting
  • Lemon Essential Oil – Cleansing, softening, deodorant, mentally uplifting
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil – Purifying, cleansing
  • Niaouli True/MQV Essential Oil – Purifying, cleansing
  • Lavandin Essential Oil – Deodorant, calming

    Who would think that a seaweed extract would stop B.O.? If you can prevent bacteria, you can prevent body odor! Deozein Zest is also a breath of fresh, energetic aromatherapy whenever your use it.

    I’m holding a contest and invite you to join! Here are the rules

    Contest Rules:

    • Must have a public social media account on either Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube
    • Post to social media with a photo showing you throwing away old deodorant bottles, showing off your new natural deodorant, putting on your deodorant – whatever creative ideas you can come up with!
    • Use #NaturalDeodorantChallenge
    • Follow @TheRoseHouston and @source_vital
    • Each social media post will count as a separate entry

    Winners will be selected at random. There is no purchase necessary. Weekly winners will be announced on Saturday, October 7, 14, 21 and 28. The Grand prize winner will be announced on Wednesday, November 8.


    Those who choose to take the challenge and make the switch, have the chance to win a year supply of Deozein Natural Deodorant (weekly drawings) as well as our grand prize that includes a Source Vital Apothecary product gift basket + $250 Source Vital gift card + $1,000 donation in their name (or the name of a loved one) to The Rose.


    My Experience

    The first night that I used Deozein Natural Deodorant ( roll on) was a night I was going from one event to three others!

    By the end of the night and the next morning I still smelled fresh, I’m a week or two in and still using it.

    I would love to know what your experience is with natural deodorants and if you do the switch?!


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