Redbook Redbox Review

This Beauty Box is the Best Box!

When I get the REDBOOK Red Beauty Box through the mail and start using the products, I always know I’m going to enjoy something I would have never thought to myself to purchase but end up really liking! For example, I’m not a Mary Kay purchaser, I haven’t tried their products. However, when I tried their Clear Proof Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask, I REALLY liked it.

I have seen other bloggers and friends use masks that are similar and have thought about trying one out one day but just never have the time to get around to searching or picking up the best one. Things to know, when you put this on, put it on fast, it dries quickly, then it’s hard to go back over to even out the layer. I left it on for the 20 minutes and it made my face feel nice and tight. The next morning the blemishes that were developing on my chin ( ah it’s ALWAYS my chin) didn’t actually develop, it dried it all up, ah Thank you Mary Kay!  They say to use it 2-3 times a week, I normally don’t use product that much but I will try it out for a solid month and see if it’s worth it to do it that many times or if just twice a month is good enough.

In my field I’m behind a computer all day, when I’m not behind the laptop I’m behind my phone or both at the same time. When I get home I want to cuddle on the couch and watch a little show with my kids, when they go to bed, I’m right back on my computer working on marketing some sort of event, philanthropic campaign, Consume the Moon, or Social Mama. To say that my eyes take a beating would be an understatement, by the time I’m going to bed around midnight, I literally cannot keep them open with out them hurting. This MegRhythm Gentle Steam Eye Mask actually put me right to sleep.  My daughter asked to paint my nails, so I took advantage of that moment to put the mask on, sit back and relax while she painted my nails. I literally dosed off I was so relaxed! It has this aroma to it that makes you just want to take really deep breaths in and long breaths out, the combo of which takes the stress off of your eye area. The box comes with 7 packets, once you use it toss it and use another one. I would recommend this right before bed and after a shower to relax right into a deep sleep.


 Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Lite Soft Volumizing & Texturizing Powder is a product I have used many times before when I was a makeup and hair stylist. We primarily were doing hair for weddings, weddings last all day long and so does this hair powder. This powder instantly liquefies when applied allowing hair to absorb the product and provide full, voluminous hair that everyone wants. It is weightless, odorless and colorless on any hair color and is great for adding texture.


I was a tiny bit hesitant about a hair remover machine, I’ve never used one before, so even though I didn’t know what to expect it’s something I would have never picked up on my own.   I started to get sold on the fact that it’s a pretty chic white with 18k gold plated accents, and if that wasn’t enough the battery is included (bonus) AND it’s pretty white and gold too! They made  Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover so pretty you want to use it. It was easy to assemble the battery, I started to use it in smaller little circles counter clock wise. I didn’t have too much above my lip area but it worked great! I started to just play around and do it on my chin and in the middle of my eyebrows, these hairs are so fine and not even dark but the light on the machine helps you see much better. I have already sent an image of the machine to all my gf’s in our group text.


The Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisture lotion is something that you put on right after your shower, before you even dry off. I forgot to not dry off the first time, repetition I guess but the second time I got it right and applied the lotion on after I got out of the shower, then I patted my skin down. So far I really liking how my skin feels. The true test for me is when the back of my arms is super soft, which this product does for me.

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