Blog to Give Back brand: Blow Blo Dry Bar

I started a Blog to Give Back Campaign for my Aga Khan nomination and the first company I would like to highlight is Blow Blo Dry bar in Montrose! The new location just opened right near Canopy and one of my dearest friends is the co-owner. They are in the cutest location and the boutique is the closest one to downtown, which for me is so convenient. I can leave work early, get a blow out and or choose to do my makeup there right before any event. As someone who attends at least one event per week, and HATES doing their own hair, this is life. If you live in the Woodlands they just moved from the Waterway to Hughes Landing. I have yet to go but I have been to the area and it’s the new IT spot. I went to the Blow opening a few weeks ago right before Fashion X Houston where I was one of the committee members. It also happened to be their first day opening so it was a great party. Here are some photos of the twins and I getting ready, we had so much fun!

RIGHT NOW they are doing an opening promo on Group on 38% off.

Here is what you get:  Choose Between Two Options

  • $25 for a Blo Out, available Monday–Thursday ($40 value)
  • $30 for a Blo Out, available Friday–Sunday ($40 value)

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